VPN With Vista

VPN, or virtual private networking, is used to virtually extend the Rutgers network so that Rutgers Staff who use outside ISPs (comcast, AOL, Verizon, etc.) can use Rutgers specific services. The VPN is available to anyone with a valid faculty, staff, or student NetID. This document goes through the installation and configuration of the Windows Vista VPN client.

How to setup a Virtual Private Network Connection (VPN) in Windows Vista:

  1. Click on the Start Button and then «Connect To»:
  1. Click on «Setup a connection or network»:

  2. Click on «Connect to a workplace»:

  3. Click on «Use my Internet Connection (VPN)»:

  4. Enter the server address and give the connection a name of your choosing. The server address should be entered as «vpn.rutgers.edu». The destination name can be anything. This will display as the name of the connection. Also check the box «Don’t connect now; just set it up so I can connect later». The VPN connection will not work until the default windows setting have been altered (see Step 7). Click «Next».

  5. Enter your netID and password (enigma users will need to enter their kerberos password only), and then click Create. Once the VPN connection has been created, click «Close».

  6. Before the Rutgers VPN connection will work, the default Windows Vista settings will need to be changed. To update the default settings, go to Start and then «Connect To», just as in Step 1. Then right click on the VPN connection and select «Properties».

  7. In the VPN properties window, select the «Security» tab, and then select the «Advanced (custom settings)» radio button. Then click on the «Settings» button.

  8. In the drop down box titled «Data encryption» Select «No encryption allowed». Also, make sure that the radio button «Allow these protocols» is selected. Check only «Unencrypted password (PAP)». Then click OK to the «Advanced Security Settings» window, and then Click OK to the «VPN Properties» Window. Now click «Connect».

  9. Enter your netID and password, and then click «Connect»:

    VPN should now connect succesfully.


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